Hayduke Trail 2018

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To Solo or Not to Solo

In Defense of Public Lands

My Attempt at Ultra-Light Backpacking

Packraft ready and T minus 11 days

T minus 3 days. Food cacheing road trip.

The food and water cacheing shenanigans continue. T minus 2 days.

T minus 10 hours. Moab!!

Hayduke Route day 1: A flip flopping marathon (26.2 miles in 11 hours)

Hayduke Route day 2: Devil’s Garden to mile zero.  7 miles today/ 33.2 total

Hayduke Route 3rd day: 17.5 mile float via packraft down the Colorado River. 

Hayduke Route 4th day: 19 miles today/69.5 total. A relaxing float entering Canyonlands National Park.

Hayduke Route 5th Day: 18.6 River Miles/88.3 miles total. Cloudy Float Day

Hayduke Route 6th day: 15 mile paddle day/103 miles total. Early morning squall and 20mph headwinds.

Hayduke Route 7th day: 9.5 mile hike today/111.8 miles. Hauling our packrafts and poop (literally) on our back. ¡¡Go team wag-bag!!

Hayduke Route 8th day. 14 mile day/125.8 mile total. Back to Hiking: Into Canyonland’s Salt Creek (another alternate)

Hayduke Route 9th day: 18.10 miles today/143.9 total. Good Bye Canyonlands. Hello Beef Basin Road

Hayduke Route 10th day: 19 miles today/ 163.9 total. Finally in Dark Canyon!

Hayduke Route 11th day: 19.5 miles/182.4 total. Dark Canyon Hydrophilia

Hayduke Route 12th day: 18 miles today/200.4 totalGood Bye Dark Canyon.  Hello Hite cache

Hayduke Route 13th day: 20 mile day/220 miles total. Miles on map are actually longer on foot: Dragging ass to the Dirty Devil.

Hayduke Route 14th day (March 31, 2018): 17.3 miles/237.7 miles totalThe Dirty Devil Dance and Poison Spring Canyon.

Hayduke Route 15 day (April 1, 2018): 4.5 miles/242.2 total. Hello Hanskville!

Hayduke Route 16th day: 0 miles. Hanskville Zero in full effect.

Hayduke Route 17th day: 21 miles/263.3 total. Into the Henry Mountains. 

Hayduke Route 18th day: 17.5 miles/ 270.7 total. Totonka Leads the Way. Goodbye Henry’s. Hello Tarantula Mesa.

Hayduke Route 19th day: 10 miles/280.1 total. Good Bye Swap Canyon. Hello Capitol Reef National Park.

Hayduke Route 20th day: 16.3 miles/297 total. Enter Lower Muley Twist Canyon and Halls Creek.

Hayduke Route 21st day: 14 miles/311 miles total. Halls Creek Narrows Delight
Hayduke Route 22nd Day: 14 miles/325 total. Good Bye Capitol Reef. Hello Canyons of the Escalante

Hayduke Route 23 day: 15-16 miles/340 miles total. Steven’s Canyon and Coyote Gulch

Hayduke Route 24th day: 7 miles/347 total. Goodbye Coyote Gulch. Hello town of Escalante!

Hayduke Route 26th day: 15.6 miles/362.7 total. Goodbye Escalante. Hello Kaiparowits Plateau. Into the Heart of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

Hayduke Route 27th day. 21 miles today/381 total. Boulder Jam Madness: Monday, Rogers, Navajo Canyons.

Hayduke Route 28th day: 23 miles today/ 406 miles total. Smooth sailing thru Reece Canyon and Last Chance Creek.

Hayduke Route 29th day: 21.75 miles today/ 428 miles total Goodbye Paradise Canyon. Hello Grosvenor Arch Food Cache (and halfway point).

Hayduke Route 30th day: April 16, 2018. 20 miles/ 447 total. Slotted in Round Valley Draw and wet in Hackberry Canyon.

Hayduke Route 31st day, April 17, 2018: 21 miles/ 468 total. Wet feet all day! Goodbye Hackberry. Hello Paria River!

Hayduke Route 32nd day: 22 (14) miles/ 490 total. Goodbye Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Hello Tropic and Bryce.

Hayduke Route 35th day: 20(+4) miles/510 total. Goodbye Tropic. Hello Bryce Canyon!

Hayduke Route 36th day: 20 miles/530 total. Goodbye Bryce’s Under the Rim Trail. Hello again GSENM!

Hayduke Route 37th day: 22.4 miles/553 total. White Cliffs, Grey Cliffs, and Vermillion Cliffs.

Hayduke Route 38th day: 21 miles/573 total Hello Buckskin Gulch. Hello Arizona

Hayduke Route 39th day: 29 miles today/603 total miles. Goodbye Utah! Hello Arizona!

Hayduke Route 41st day: 20 miles/623 total. From J lake to Crane Lake (cesspool) along the AZT.

Hayduke Route 42nd day: 19+6 miles/648 total. Hello Nankoweap TH!

Hayduke Route 43rd day: 18+2 miles/668 miles. Nankoweap TH to Kwagunt Creek

Hayduke Route 44th day: 17.3 miles/ 685 total. Getting my ass kicked in Grand Canyon. Kwagunt to LCR to Tanner Beach.

Hayduke Route 45th day: 18.5 miles/704 total. Goodbye Tanner Beach. Hello Hance Creek.

Hayduke Route 46th day: 18 miles/722 total. Hance Creek to Lone Tree Creek.

Hayduke Route 47th day: 10 miles/732 total. On the South Rim! The gravitational pull of my wife is strong!

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