Welcome to fatherhood.

Greetings! I’m back. After about a 6-7 month hiatus from this dear blog of mine, I am finally able to dedicate some time to it. My last entry was essentially the day that I stopped my Hayduke Trail thru hike on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. In case you need a reminder, I stopped my thru-hike at the S. Rim, 180 miles shy of completion of the route to Zion National Park because I was extremely missing my wife that was six months pregnant with our unborn baby girl.

Well, needless to say, much has happened since that 4th of May 2018 to this point now, on this winter solstice 2018 full moon night, and I have to admit that life has been significantly hectic since getting off that trail and back to the “real world”. Our daughter is now 17 weeks old (4.25 months) and we’ve since this summer had bought and moved into our first house.  Returning to work was the easy part.  The difficult part was finding and remodeling a home with the clock ticking for a baby that was due in late August, and with a wife with an ever expanding baby bump, we both had our duties cut out for us. At this point today, and with my 20/20 hindsight vision, I can attest that that was the easy part. The more difficult episode was yet to come with the ejection of baby Lyra onto our lives. 

Watching my wife give birth to this child of ours was very textbook fantastical, an experience that has to be witnessed in person to really grasp the miracle of it all.  Words cannot fully elaborate the feelings, emotions one feels the moment you first set eyes and hold your firstborn. That feeling lasted for about 2 weeks, after which so the gravity of it all (I’m really a dad) began to dig in deeper into my state of mind.  It was perhaps at her 4 weeks of age that I began to internally acknowledge that I had paternal post partum depression which was not helped by the fact that our baby girl was so colicky for the first six weeks, crying ever incessantly like if she was dying.  After finding the right infant formula that worked for her, those colicky days are long gone thank God. Now, I have slowly come to terms that babies are dictators that rule every aspect of your world.  My wife and I “endearingly” refer to her as the boss, a boss that at this point demands to be carried at all times it seems. On the very bright side of things, we are grateful that she seems to enjoy longs walks and hikes.  As a matter of fact, we pretty much started walking her around the neighborhood since about her first or second week of life, foregoing the stroller, and instead arm carrying her, to now a baby chest carrier.  Recently she enjoyed with us an 8 mile hike in the hoodoos of Chiricahua National Monument.  Heck, I am even proud to report that baby Lyra can now even tolerate a 13 mile run with me in the stroller, a feat that I miss predicted would not transpire until her six months.  

The fact that she enjoys long walks, hikes, and runs really makes me happy and that fact has perhaps doused what ever paternal post partum depression I was having. If you haven’t already captured that notion, I thoroughly have and intend to continue to enjoy the outdoor adventure lifestyle.  While I won’t be able to adventure like I used to before Lyra came to fruition, I intend to expose her to that lifestyle. Heck, I’m already brainstorming how and when to take her on her first kayaking trip.  

So here is to raising an outdoorsy adventurous child.  May God always guide us and  grant us the wisdom and patience to enrich Lyra’s life to the fullest. 

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