Hayduke Route 37th day: 22.4 miles/553 total. White Cliffs, Grey Cliffs, and Vermillion Cliffs.

Despite the fairly easy terrain today, I feel worn down and tired. Actually, in the past 3 days, I have been feeling more tired than usual by mile 16. Even my knees are starting to hurt. Either way, gotta push on, keep the momentum of 20 mile days or more. The hardest part of today was walking in all that loose sand, really slows us down. About a third of the day was on dirt road. However, even some parts of that was loose sand. Leaving our camp, we road walked until we reached Bull Rush Gorge which was quite scenic and even had a spring. Actually, we were surprised to find so many opportunities for water in the form of springs and cattle tanks. However, one of the tanks had about 6 dead mice in it. No thanks. One tank was brand new and looked like a sparkling pool. With how hot it was today, it was tempting to jump in.

After Bull Rush Gorge, we traveled on Park Wash for the rest of the day. It was hard not to notice the transition from Grey Cliffs, to White Cliffs, and then Vermilion Cliffs, which is where we camped. We are making our way, literally, down the grand staircase. Going down this staircase, of course, means drop in elevation, hence the warmer temperatures.

We ran into a group of three Hayduke section hikers, Larb, Horizon, and Jackrabbit. It turns they did the PCT in 2015 just like Cuban B and I. Ha! Small world. What was even more surprising today was seeing a female Hayduker going the opposite direction. She apparently just finishes the AZ trail and figured why not also hike the Hayduke. Wow! Good luck!!

We were done today by 7:20 pm after 22.4 miles. Tomorrow we have another long 20+ mile day before we reach our food cache at the AZ-UT border.

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