Hayduke Route 29th day: 21.75 miles today/ 428 miles total Goodbye Paradise Canyon. Hello Grosvenor Arch Food Cache (and halfway point).

Yes, we have made it to the halfway point today, and it took us 29 days (including rest days). I’m gonna be honest, this last stretch was kinda boring for me and not very scenic in my opinion. It was essentially a stepping stone for this next 3.5 day leg which is supposed to be more interesting and scenic. We will be hiking in and around the Paria River drainage system. This River, like the Escalante is a tributary of the Mother River of the Southwest, the Colorado River. The Paria River essentially begins in what is known as the Aquarius Plateau/Bryce Canyon. This whole area we are about to hike thru in the next week or so makes up in essence a big grand staircase that descends towards the mother of all canyons: The Grand Canyon. That is essentially where we will end up. The Pink Cliffs of Bryce Canyon are the top layer of this cake or staircase.

Anyhow, back to the days events, the day was really uneventful. We left camp at our usual time of 8-8:30. After about 7 miles, we exited this canyon to get onto a dirt road where we would eventually follow to Grosvenor Arch and our food cache. We thought the day would be a 19 mile day, but somehow those miles stretched to 21.75. WTF?! At least they were easy road miles. Clouds rolled in and made to walk cooler too. As usual, Cuban B took off like a bat outta hell, walking his usual 4mph pace. Pete and I were in no rush. We still finished by 5:15pm. 21.75 miles in 9 hours, including an hour lunch. Closer to Grosvenor Arch, two girls in Jeep sped by us going the opposite direction, not even bothering to slow down to check on us. We saw them again going back towards the Arch. What the heck!?! We are in the middle of nowhere and they didn’t bother to check on us. Maybe we look sketch!?! Maybe I stink that bad? Anyhow, I always pull over for hikers, bikers, shit, even illegals, when I drive down a dirt road to check on them and or at least offer water and a ride. They definitely were no trail angels. Maybe just trail demons or simply human. What’s the differenc?

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