Day: April 11, 2018

Hayduke Route 24th day: 7 miles/347 total. Goodbye Coyote Gulch. Hello town of Escalante!

What to say about today…other than that it was a legit nero (a day with almost zero miles hiked). Our sole purpose for today was to get to the famous Hole-in-the-Rock Road for our prearranged ride at 11am with Scott our volunteer shuttle driver….

Hayduke Route 23 day: 15-16 miles/340 miles total. Steven’s Canyon and Coyote Gulch

I don’t know if I had mentioned it before, but we have been off the standard Hayduke Route and on an alternate (again). The standard route has you exiting Capitol Reef National Park via Moody Canyon in order to enter the Escalante River further…

Hayduke Route 22nd Day: 14 miles/325 total. Good Bye Capitol Reef. Hello Canyons of the Escalante

I am happy to report that Garrison made it back to camp safe last night by 11pm, albeit wet and cold due to the two hour rain storm. The bad news was the he did not find his food bag. Fortunately most of us…