Hayduke Route 16th day: 0 miles. Hanskville Zero in full effect

Today was a zero day, meaning we did no hiking today. Zero miles. Period. Well, maybe we walked 1.5 miles today, just to the restaurants, grocery store, post office, and gas station. Essentially, it was an R&R day and a well deserved one for sure. It was also a day to catch up on blogging, gear repair, food resupply, call family, and catch up on sleep. Food wise, we ate more than usual, essentially calorie loading for the next week of daily calorie deficits. Walking strenuous miles day in day out burns lots of calories and there is no way to carry enough calories to make up for it. I feel I’ve lost already five pounds and my pants feel looser. Anyhow, tomorrow we made arrangements for a ride back to the trail at 0800 from Jared. Thanks again Jared and Hanskville for your hospitality.

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