Hayduke Route 15th day (April 1, 2018) Happy Easter and April Fools! 4.5 miles today/242.2 miles total. Hello Hanskville!

Today was a legit nero. With less than five miles to highway 95, our link to civilization, we hurried ourselves, arriving there by 0915. The good news was that our friend Sonya had arranged for us to get a ride from the hotel caretakers. We had booked a hotel room in Hanskville for our nero and zero and figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Hence, we had to be there at the highway by 10am. Our concern was that it would be very difficult for three smelly, dirty guys to score a hitch 18 miles away from town. Thank you Sonya!! And thank God also for my Garmim Inreach, my satellite text messenger. Oh and of course, thank you Jared and Whispering Sands Motel for going the extra mile for us. There about to get amazing reviews from me.

That put us into town at around 10:30am and hotel check-in was not until 3pm. Of course we bee-lined into the nearest restaurant to have breakfast. Luckily they were open on this Easter Sunday. After that, we loitered around this one mile long town, mostly just laying on the grass and sleeping or sitting on a bench. I will say, Hanskville gives me a good vibe, nice people here. They are definitely Hadyduke Hiker friendly and have been expecting us. Jared’s wife, Chastity, who rode with him when he picked us up, knew that I had a package waiting for me at the post office. Apparently she works there. Thank you Hanskville. My first impressions are positive ones. You get the BearLee stamp of approval.

The last miles before Hwy 95

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