Day: April 2, 2018

Hayduke Route 16th day: 0 miles. Hanskville Zero in full effect

Today was a zero day, meaning we did no hiking today. Zero miles. Period. Well, maybe we walked 1.5 miles today, just to the restaurants, grocery store, post office, and gas station. Essentially, it was an R&R day and a well deserved one for…

Hayduke Route 15th day (April 1, 2018) Happy Easter and April Fools! 4.5 miles today/242.2 miles total. Hello Hanskville!

Today was a legit nero. With less than five miles to highway 95, our link to civilization, we hurried ourselves, arriving there by 0915. The good news was that our friend Sonya had arranged for us to get a ride from the hotel caretakers….