Hayduke Route 14th day (March 31, 2018): 17.3 miles/237.7 miles total. The Dirty Devil Dance and Poison Spring Canyon

Considering the beating we took yesterday, sleeping in until 0630 was an acceptable compensation. After the usual morning ritual of pooping, eating, packing, and pooping (one more time sometimes), we proceeded to begin our hike going upriver along the Dirty Devil River. This entailed fording the river often as we hiked. Fortunately the deepest the water got, at least for my midget ass, was balls deep, which after 7 days of not showering, was actually quite refreshing. My only concern on this stretch was getting stuck in quicksand, which is common in desert rivers like this one. Having been in quick sand thigh deep before on a previous trip, that is one scary-ass ordeal I always try to avoid. Luckily, the Dirty Devil River did not have that trick in its bag for us.

After six uneventful miles, we eventually made it to Poison Spring Canyon, which surprisingly had a 4×4 road. After seeing all the cow shit everywhere along this canyon, it became apparent why this road was here. For the first time since starting this trail, we did something we hadn’t done. We took a nap. And a long one. I’ve must have been tired because my snoring kept waking me up during my nap. The road was fairly well graded, allotting us a 3-3.5 mph pace, eventually leading us to our next water source, seven miles from the Dirty Devil. That water source was as pristine as it gets. Essentially it was a natural spring percolating from the sandstone, piped and protected by a masonry wall. We took another long break here before completing another 4 miles. It was in this stretch that we encountered much vehicle traffic, essentially campers spending the holiday weekend in this canyon. It was also in this stretch that trail magic began to materialize for us in the form of beer and chocolate from nice people driving down the canyon. The beer was compliments of some packrafters finishing there shuttle after floating the Dirty Devil. The chocolate was compliments of others Haydukers setting there caches. Hayduke Lives!! Tomorrow we make it to Hanksville.

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