Hayduke Route 5th Day: 18.6 River Miles/88.3 miles total. Cloudy Float Day

We are still on the River. Thus far we have paddled about 55.1 miles on the River. It looks like tomorrow we have about 15 river miles left to the canyon where we deflate our rafts and climb the nine miles out. That’ll make 70 total River miles. Nice!! Myself and the rest of the group have definitely been enjoying these easy river miles. Well, relatively easy compared to hiking. We still have to paddle most of the time, especially on the points where the River cruises at a mere one mph and when we have head winds. My hands are blistered and my shoulders, arms, and back have been definitely feeling the work. Pete and I are definitely the stronger and more experienced paddlers. Cuban B has been doing good for his first flat water packraft paddle trip. Sonya is the the slower paddler and least experienced. David, Sonya’s husband, is a strong paddler too, but he hangs back with her like the good husband that he is.

The weather has been overcast all day with occasional 10-12 mph winds. The sun never shined on us today. Overall the weather has been good, and we hope that persist. I fear it can rain any moment tho. We shall see.

Oh, I forgot to mention today was Cuban B’s birthday. He turned 33 today. He is the youngest of the group.

Thus far tonight’s camp spot is my favorite. It is not a beach along the river, but rather a sandy terrace elevated about 30 feet above the River over some limestone outcroppings. No evidence of beavers on this one.

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