Hayduke Route 4th day: 19 miles today/69.5 total. A relaxing float entering Canyonlands National Park

There is something about floating, meandering down a calm lazy river. That is what this section of the Colorado River is, from Moab to Spanish Bottom. Beyond Spanish Bottom, the beastly Colorado River becomes a demon thru Cataract Canyon with rapids that swallow and projectile vomits rafts like an exorcising Linda Blair. Fortunately we are not headed that far in our dingy pack rafts. We were all mostly awake by 0800. Yes. We slept in and awoke to cloudy skies, which all of sudden began to drizzle rain, then snow intermittently. That sparked us to pack up quick and in a haste and get on the river. Either way we didn’t start paddling until 1000. It took about 10 miles before we finally left any sign of civilization and enter Canyonlands National Park. Before the 10 miles, we would hear the occasional 4 wheeler motoring thru the jeep roads that prevail these canyons and mesas. We did see one motorized boat doing a run thru this section. The skipper was kind enough to slow down so as to not leave a mean wake.

Finally entering Canyonlands National Park, the canyon walls became steeper and the silence prevailed. Thank you! Paddling thru this silence, it made me think just how annoyingly noisy the un-wild world is. It feels so refreshing and therapeutic to be in this quietness. Anyhow, trying not to bore you with this hippy fufu talk, after 19 miles we made it an island in the middle of the River with a huge beach and willow trees. After dinner, Dave and Sonya discovered that on the other side of the island there is evidence of a presence of beavers. He even discovered a den. As i write this, I can here them gnawing thru wood and moving brush around. I’ve seen beavers before but never on the Colorado River. Very cool! Good night beavers. That’s it for today. Until tomorrow.

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