Hayduke Route day 2: Devil’s Garden to Mile 0. 7 miles/ 33.2 total

First off, after yesterday we decided to stop calling this Hayduke Trail a “trail”. Yesterday’s 26.2 mile grind showed us why some refer to this madness as the Hayduke Route. We slept in this morning needless to say. I didn’t bother to awaken Pete and Doug. I figured we all would just gradually all awaken. I gotta remember not to be such a slave driver, lest the group threaten mutiny and throw me over a cliff. Even so we were up by 0745. It was cold overnight, as cold as 24 degrees F. Burr!!! It was a slow morning packing, and since we only had about 7 miles to hike today, we took our time, making sure all our gear was dry.

Leaving camp at 10:15, we made our way to Devil’s Garden, where you can witness many of Arches National Park’s arches. We took our time, taking photos as we hiked. After the last natural feature known as Dark Angel, we proceeded to route find our way down the cliff and eventually onto the road where our friends Dave and Sonya where to pick us up for a ride back to Moab, where we have a hotel waiting for us so we can prepare for the next 65 mile segment. Oh… and about this next segment, we are not hiking it. Well actually, yes we are, but just nine miles. The other miles are actually floating down the Colorado River in our packrafts. That is the beauty of this Hayduke Route, you can cater it to your liking. I am looking forward to this section float because heck, who doesn’t like the idea of floating down a river a la Huck Finn style. On that note, the rest of the day was spent car shuttling a vehicle at the take out point where we are hiking out for this packrafting section. Stay tuned!!

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