The food and water cacheing shenanigans continue. T minus 2 days.

Today was a very long day. We were up by seven and after a shower, we proceeded to begin the ordeal of cacheing our food buckets. While we were out looking for a good spot to cache, it dawned on us that this was bear country and the five gallon buckets were no match for a black bear if it were to find our food. Shit!! So we decided to ditch our plans to cache food near Jacob Lake and instead take this cache to near the AZ/UT stateline. Hence, we proceeded to Kanab UT for breakfast and then to the AZ strip and the road that leads to Toroweap. The road was moist but not saturated, making for an easy drive to where we had planned to cache water to alleviate a 40 mile dry stretch on this trail section. After camouflaging our cache as best we could and dropping a waypoint pin on our GPS map software, we beelined it to our next cache point near the AZ/UT state line, the AZ trail northern terminus. This is the point where the Hayduke Trail piggy backs onto the AZ trail or, in other words, the two trails merge for many miles before entering Grand Canyon National Park near Nankoweap Trail. We eventually made it to near our final cache at Grosvenor Arch in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. We set up camp near the Arch and called it a day. Tomorrow morning we will hide the cache and then drive directly to Moab.

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