T minus 3 days. Food Cacheing Road Trip.

We hit the road today, leaving Tucson around 0800, driving into an ominous storm. The rain started just north of Phoenix, and by the time we arrived at Flagstaff, the snow was blowing down hard. Our goal was to make it to Jacob Lake to cache our first food buckets. While we did make it to Jacob Lake, we were not able to cache the buckets, as the whiteout, blizzard conditions were not conducive to traveling on the forest road we had intended on driving. All three of us agreed to get a room at the Jacob Lake Inn. Camping in this blizzard would have been silly, heck maybe even stupid. We were surprised to discover that the room was only $90. At that price for three souls, why not lodge it. Not bad for a hotel in the middle of nowhere.

After settling in the room, Cuban B and I decided to reconnoiter on foot the forest road we intend to cache our buckets. We confirmed that driving Pete’s FJ thru this road would be unfeasible, as the snow was too high. We hiked in about half a mile by headlamp and scoped out possible spots to hide our buckets. By then the blizzard had subsided.

So why are we cacheing food here at Jacob Lake? Well it turns out the Jacob Lake Inn no longer holds food packages for thru hikers. That and the resupply options at the convenience store here are slim. Hence, we have no option but to cache food buckets in the adjacent national forest.

Tomorrow morning first thing we will hike our buckets into the forest and hide them. The weather should be better tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Don’t forget about my fundraiser for Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA). Here is the link.


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